Hey guys!

Due to personal conflicts, kittylyrics will no longer be active.  As far as I know, the site will still be on so that the posts will be available, but there won’t be anything new.  Nonetheless, Emily is still an artist doing adorable art, so if you’re a fan, follow her on her personal tumblr here!

Thanks for the fun!


requested by ohstephsmiles

Hey everyone!

To our loyal followers, we will be back soon!

I got this cool Macbook thing and the tablet’s working. Huzzah! More pictures!

So until then, keep submitting~


Dear followers,
Anna and I are away at college. Although I have the tablet, it isn’t working on any computer I try, so here’s a mouse-drawn picture of Bobo and Generic grey cat!
Photoshop is very foreign to me D:

P.S. Dubstep version.  Meow.
A tribute to That ’70s show!  Today is the 13th anniversary.

Dear followers,

Thank you for all the love and support through these past few months!

I’m going to hand draw some lyrics when I get a chance today. No tablet pen = no tablet drawings.

In the meantime, have a lovely day! :D


I enjoy the Karmin version of this song. Either way, pretty cool.